Online Giving

One time or reoccurring gifts via Vanco online account here.

Scroll down to donate via PayPal

*To donate via Vanco Mobile App - download the "Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement" app from your app store, search for Central Lutheran Church in Mondovi and follow directions.

*Giving by Text – Here’s How:

  1. Central’s “Giving by Text” number is 715-941-4454.
  2. For example: text “25”. This is your gift amount - $25. To give towards Sunday School, enter amount, space and SS.
  3. The first time you will immediately get a link to add the info for your debit or credit card.
  4. Next time you text to Central’s “Giving by Text” number you enter amount (and code if giving to other than operational).

*To donate via PayPal please click here: