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Stewardship and Thanksgiving

Whether we realize it or not, we’re always doing stewardship.  We’re always managing the ministry to which God calls us.  So, if there’s no stewardship, there’s no Christianity.  Unfortunately, we become fixated on the small part of stewardship which is the fundraising part of it.  That’s important but only part of a much greater whole.

Therefore, what we don’t realize is that stewardship or the managing of our Christian lives and community, is so much more. So, for three Sundays starting October 28th, we will be celebrating Christian stewardship.  We will be celebrating what and who God has called us to be.

First, we will be highlighting and lifting up service and being servants as a way of doing stewardship.  We will paint.  We will tear up old shrubbery that is over grown so to make the church building look more appealing and maintained. The Sunday School youth will be collecting as follows: “We are still collecting items for Drug Endangered Children and The Bolton Refuge House. Items needed are toys, stuffed animals, socks, underwear, winter hats and mittens, journals and personal hygiene products.”

Second, on Sunday, November 4th we will gather in thanksgiving for the stewardship of those who made this faith community possible over the years through their faithfulness and generosity. We will celebrate those saints and those events in the life of this congregation through whom the gospel of Jesus Christ touched our lives.  You all are being asked to write down your memories of “I remember when….”.  An important part of Christian stewardship is just being thankful.  Stewardship is when we remember and honor those memories.

Finally, stewardship is to celebrate which we will do on November 11th.  We lift up and rejoice in God’s goodness.  We commit ourselves to God’s future as we will enter that future boldly.  Stewardship is also the hoping and dreaming of what’s possible. Stewardship is when the   Holy Spirit gets hold of us and fires our imaginations.  When we think of our Christian faith, for what do we hope?  When we think of what our faith community can do and how we can impact the community around us, what excites us?  How do plan for the future of our    youngest members to live out a life of faith in Jesus, in a world that holds so many alternatives?

Stewardship is how we manage all that. It’s what we’ve been doing for a long time. It’s what we hope to do for a long time yet.  In sum, we’re always doing stewardship and there is never a moment as God’s   people when we’re not doing stewardship.  Let us strive to manage all that God gives and all that God calls us to do.

Keeping Christ Central,

Pastor Rolf G. Morck 

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