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In Thanks for Concern and Kindness 

Sometimes life throws us little interruptions.  We’re busy. We’re into our routines. We’re planning for days ahead. Then wham! Down we go.

In my case it was a set of broken ribs from a mountain bike (Fat tire bike actually) accident.  Then a trip to the emergency room and nine days in the hospital to make sure everything was going to heal properly.  Uff-dah! 

Suddenly, I’m not busy.  My routines now don’t matter, and it doesn’t matter what I plan because I’m stuck with a tube in my ribs and a call button as my only connection to the outside world.  Probably the strangest of all, is that I’m a pastor now getting a dose of my own medicine.  

I wasn’t ready for that. People are visiting, sending cards, and then they asked to pray with me too.  So much kindness, caring and concern. I know you all do that, but to be on the receiving end is a different experience.  You care and that really matters.  Even more so, I have experienced such firsthand.  Thank you!

Such caring and compassion carries with it a powerful message, that we matter and are appreciated.  Sometimes in the busyness of life it is easy to think otherwise.  Sometimes we may think we’re just a number or a cog in a machine, that our worth is in what we do or accomplish.

Yet kindness, when so expressed, becomes a word of grace.  That no matter what we do, we don’t deserve such grace, and still it just happens.  It happens in a get-well card with prayers for healing. It comes in a visit as people take time out of their lives just to stop by for a bit and make life normal again.  It comes in people asking, “How can we help you?”  How humbling it is when others ask if they can pray for you and they do.  Thank you all, for all your prayers. 

Yet, all is part of healing.  I know my ribs will heal in time. But I am also thankful for the healing of faith that I am prayed for and cared about.  Even pastors need a little reminding now and again about how the love of Jesus also includes them (insert, “me”) expressed through the caring and concern of others.  Thank you again. 

So, I hope the world knows that church of Jesus Christ is alive and well.  Maybe a bit shy and reserved at times, but when unleashed becomes the power of God’s love let loose in the world. May God continue to give us voices that pray, hearts that care and compassion that brings God’s healing.

I would be remiss if I did not include special thanks to my wife Amy and my family, who dropped their work  schedules and other priorities so to encourage me, help fill the time with their company and companionship and to fill my heart with gratitude for their love and caring.  God is good.

Sometimes life throws us these interruptions, and out of it comes a deep appreciation for the life we share and the concern we have for each other that makes life worth living.  Amen.

Keeping Christ Central,

Pastor Rolf G. Morck

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