Sunday School

Sunday School begins again at 10:00 a.m. on Rally Day - Sept. 9, 2018

Central's Rotational Sunday School is for children in 4k-5th grades. It is every Sunday, September through May from 10:00-11:00 a.m..  All children meet in the basement of the church.

In a rotational setting, the same Bible story or theme is taught for four weeks.  Each week, children rotate to a different learning station.  The story remains the same, but the children encounter it in different ways in each station.  Repetition is an important part of the rotation approach.  The more ways children explore a story or concept the more it is reinforced in their memories.  The variety of experiences keeps interest high throughout the unit.  Teachers teach the same lesson, with age-level adjustments, for the length of the rotation.  Rotational learning is exciting for students and teachers alike, as teachers teach to their strengths and students experience Bible stories in ways they learn best.  Choices for workshops are movie, cooking, art, and games. 

We do have a lot of volunteers that help make this run each week and every year we could always use more;   if you are interested in helping please call Diane Schultz at 715-926-5370.  We have signup sheets on the bulletin board in the church during the summer and downstairs when Sunday School begins.