Thank you!


Yes, Central Lutheran needs 20 minutes of your time to respond to the “Church Assessment Tool” or CAT. 


Why? God gives us our future.  The CAT will give us ways to enter into the future wisely, with less waste of time and resources. 


That future will be scribed out by you and 2O minutes of your time.


Who? Anyone who relates to Central as their primary church community – that’s it. We need the broadest possible input from everyone, no matter your level of involvement or participation.


It’s totally confidential.  Your name will never be asked or known.


It’s on line!  Click on this link and in 20 minutes you will have helped Central’s mission immensely.


Paper copies are available.  You may fill it out and we will key in your responses. Again, it’s confidential.


We will have a laptop here at the office that you can use to do the survey.  Come to the office and we will help you.


If you need help, someone will volunteer to help you through it.


Please, this is so important.  And thank you for all that you do.


Your Central Lutheran Church Council